Ugh, do we have to talk about accomplishments and achievements??  They aren’t that big of a deal.  Anyone could have done it and done better.  Sound familiar to you?  

When we experience Imposter Syndrome often work to avoid talking about accomplishments and achievements, because we will only end up focusing on and recognize our faults, the areas we are lacking in, and how others are better. Instead of truly seeing our accomplishments and achievements and the amazing work and effort we put in to earn them.  Yes, the true effort and work…I know I’m bringing attention to it!

Now when I say “seeing”, I don’t just mean writing a list of accomplishments and saying “Yep, I see them”. Because what we, who have Imposter Syndrome do next is, “okay, but…”, and we go straight into all the negatives that surround those accomplishments or we perceived are connected to them.  Yeah, see I get this.  So, when you write down your accomplishments and achievements, you need also write down what you did to accomplish and achieve them.

It’s not a simple matter of just listing them.  People do that for us all the time, “Oh, you got that job… that promotion… earned that degree…organized the event…”.   Yet we go right into our faults or lack of our effort, in regards to those accomplishments, “Yes, but I got lucky…sure, but I think someone made a mistake…yes, but my professors were just feeling bad for me (or they must have missed something)…yes, but there were so many others that did more and better work, it wasn’t because of me”.  Why do we do this?  Because we don’t feel we really put the effort or are worthy of those accomplishments. That we aren’t special, or spectacular, or have those real skills and abilities.

This is why you need to write down what steps you took to accomplish those achievements.  Write all of it down.  Don’t short cut any of it.  Don’t dismiss any part of it.  Don’t think any part is unimportant.  It all is important.  

If an accomplishment you’re writing about is the job you currently have, then write about what you did to get that job.  The prep work, the learning and growth in knowledge, the resume work, the interview(s), the training, the work you do each day.  And don’t short cut it.  Also, do NOT write down what You “think” the others, as in supervisors or hiring managers were thinking or reasons for their decisions.  You don’t know any of that.  Write down only what you do know about what you did each day to achieve that accomplishment, in detail.  YOU need to SEE what you have done to achieve that job and what you do in all aspect in your job. What you did to accomplish that achievement.  

If the accomplishment is a university degree, or business certification, then write down what you did to start it, what you did each day or week for that degree or certification.  The hours studying, researching, writing, along with discussions and presentations.  You need to SEE every aspect of time and energy and effort and skill you put into earning and achieving that degree or certification.  

Now once you have done that, sit and read over it all.  Annnddd, you still probably won’t believe how amazing you are.  That’s okay.  It’s not a one-day process.  If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this nor thinking about working with me (if you aren’t already!).  Things of this nature take time and repeated reviews, both physically (writing down) and mentally.  Plus much more growth.  But this is where you can start.  

Keep this writing somewhere you can go back to it later.  A notebook or journal that you can use to reflect on.  

Once a week, go back and re-read it.

Then add your thoughts about what you have done to this point to achieve that.  Not your negative thoughts on how others could do better, or that you only earned 95% instead of 100% in a course (I know some of you will do that).  Just on what you did or are still doing to achieve your current goals.  

The next week, read over it and do the same thing again.  

I’ve done this, myself.  And it wasn’t easy at first, as I wanted to shortcut what steps and small accomplishments I did to achieve the big accomplishments. I wanted to dismiss my effort and work and knowledge. But I took my time and wrote things out. And if I remembered some step later, that I didn’t write in before on an accomplishment, I went back and added it. 

Little by little I began to see everything that I put into achieving my accomplishments. I went back over each step and each aspect of effort, energy, knowledge, growth and time that I put into all I did and achieved.  And I was fucking amazed at how much effort, energy and work, not to mention, knowledge, skills and abilities I put into my accomplishments.  Seriously, I read over it many times as it all began to sink in that I accomplished my achievements, not because of luck, chance or someone’s error, but due to my efforts and work and abilities.  

Today, I don’t write them down (as often), but I do reflect on what I did to achieve my accomplishments.  I also have a few really great friends, that help to remind me of all my effort and work I put into my accomplishments when I begin to get dismissive of my efforts.  These are friends I trust and value to always tell me the truth and I believe in what they say…but it’s also because I believe in myself as well now. 

Writing your steps out toward your achievements will slowly help you to see your work, effort and energy in your accomplishments.  And to understand that this is not just something anyone can do.  You did it, not because you’re unworthy or not good at what you accomplished or because of some dumbass error.  You did it because you have the skills and learned and grew to achieve those goals and accomplishments.  

Because you are intelligent, creative, hardworking and talented to achieve what you accomplished.  It is all because YOU applied yourself and put your skills and talents toward your goals and You made it happen.  Hell yes you did!  Because you’re a badass!!

Seeing is one thing.  Now we need to get You to BELIEVE it. 

Ready to work together to end the imposter thoughts and create a new mindset of growth and empowerment, then message me and we’ll get started!