Woah, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here. And where it might seem as if I’ve not been doing much here, I’ve actually been doing a lot all over the place. I’ve been writing other blog posts, been a guest on various podcasts, I’m now an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine as well as working with others on guiding them through their impostor phenomenon experiences. I’ve also been working and achieving a lot on my PhD dissertation where I’ve completed chapters 1, 2, and 3! So things are moving along!


My Struggle

However, I look at things here and elsewhere and think I haven’t done enough or am not doing enough or worried I’m behind where I should be. Why?? Because the site isn’t fully set up yet, my own podcast is still being developed and episodes recorded and edited, and hey, I haven’t written a post here for almost a year. Ugh! So now my impostor phenomenon voice gets louder and my negative thoughts increase.

But that’s where I have to reflect and remind myself of what I have been doing. Which is everything I mentioned above. So in reality I am doing a lot. And all that I mentioned takes a lot of time, effort, learning, work, and growth to accomplish. I’m not behind at all. Everything is in continuous development and growth.

This can work for you too! When you get to that point where you feel you aren’t doing enough because what you’re creating or developing isn’t where you want it to be yet, or you don’t have that sense of accomplishment on your main goal(s), follow these 3 tips to help!


3 Tips to Acknowledge Your Growth
  1. Pause and reflect on everything you’ve been working on and have accomplished to this point. Write it down so you see it all.
  2. Acknowledge all the time, work, and effort you’ve put into what you wrote down from Tip 1.
  3. Remind yourself that everything from Tips 1 and 2 have helped you to grow in your development to this point.
Your Achievements

These three tips will help you to see all the work and growth you’ve had and remind yourself that you’re moving toward your goals. There is no time limit or comparison to anyone else. It takes a lot of work, time, and energy to create and develop what you are working on. Make sure to look back on your steps and growth and accomplishments between where you started and now!

You are always making progress. You are always accomplishing. Sometimes you just have to pause and reflect back on all you’ve done.

Always Believe In Yourself!


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