Ready to Break Out of Your Fraud Mindset and Change Your Life, but Not Sure What to Do?


You’ve been living with the fear of being found out as an impostor in your relationship, your job, and your life. You have now realized that this is not how you want to live. Now is the time for you to make the changes to create the life you want and are worthy of.


My Coaching Style


As a coach, I work with you through the process. I listen to you. I ask questions, to dig deeper, and to help you confront ideas, thoughts, and concepts you may not realize you have or are avoiding.

We will work to build a trusting environment where you feel confident and comfortable in sharing with me and knowing I keep an open mind when listening to you.

Our coaching sessions are unique to you as your experiences, mindset, and goals are unique to you. I do not follow a set form, because impostor phenomenon already puts us in a fixed mold, and it is now time to break free of that.

You have the power of choosing what path to take in creating your new life direction. My goal is to help you embrace your authentic self, appreciate your own accomplishments, and develop a mindset where you know you are worthy of what you do and who you are.


Who Is Coaching For?

Those who want to change.

I know you’re thinking, “If this is on me and I have to do the work, what do I need you, a coach for?”

You could do this on your own. However, do you know the questions to ask yourself? Can you be honest with yourself without someone to prompt and push you? Can you maintain your motivation, when you feel like you’re not moving forward toward your goals?

If you can, then GREAT! Stop reading my site and get to work on you!!

But, most of us need guidance in asking the questions. I wish that I had had a coach to support me when things got tough. If you want a push to confront what’s holding you back and to support you when you lose your drive, then message me! Let’s get things going for YOU!

As Your Coach, I Will…

Support you each step of the way.

I’ll guide you, cheer you on and motivate you throughout.

Be honest with you and not sugarcoat anything

I’ll tell it like it is. Your growth is important and I want you to be empowered to create the life you want.

Push you to grow, even if it's uncomfortable

The whole point here is to help you change your mindset and build the life you want. That’s going to be uncomfortable and scary at times.

Be authentic.

I’ll be me. Passionate, caring, supportive, patient. What you see here, on socials, and in-person is always me.

Have a sense of humor.

As a friend of mine said, “Laughter is the lubrication of life,” and I fully agree. Humor helps me through the tough times.

Have a mocha, caramel macchiato or Frappuccino nearby.

Hey, it keeps me going and it’s delicious. I’ll also be drinking water, because I need that too!

As Your Coach, I Won’t…

Do all the work for you.

This is for you, so you need to put the effort and energy into your growth.

Just make you feel good.

There are going to be difficult sessions and days and my job is to push you out of your comfort zone.

Make it easy for you.

Change and creating a new mindset is challenging but will bring you great growth.

Not care about your growth

I’m a passionate person and I will keep motivating you to change and grow.

Be quiet.

I talk. I will do all I can to pull your thoughts out of you. To inspire and motivate you as well. 

Be perfect.

I’m not perfect. I don’t try nor want to be perfect. I want to keep growing and improving, just as I want for you.

How Long Does Coaching Take?

Are you hoping the coaching process will be fast? Are you expecting to slam through this in 2 short weeks and you’ll be a new person with no more imposter feelings?

Yeah, throw all those expectations out. To truly overcome these fraudulent thoughts, it’s going to take time. Time to reflect, develop, strategize, implement, revise and re-do.

You’re not looking for quick actions that fade. You need to achieve long-lasting change in your mindset and behavior. To achieve this outcome will take time, yet the results will be empowering and make lasting positive change.


Will you tell me what steps I should take, or what direction I should go in when overcoming my impostor mindset?

Nope! We will discuss what YOU want to do and what would serve you best. Yes, you and I will develop strategies together and work to determine what steps you should take, but you will make the changes to get there.

Do you coach clients anywhere?

Most definitely. I’m based out of Southern California, but I will coach anyone from anywhere in the world struggling with imposter phenomenon. Location isn’t an issue. You’re important and I want to help you overcome your struggles and develop the mindset that brings out your authentic self.

What if I'm uncomfortable with the strategies and steps we discuss?

Then we will discuss why you feel uncomfortable with the strategies we have developed and how you can be comfortable with them. Keep in mind, change is not easy, and to get to where you want to be, you’re going to have challenging and uncomfortable periods. Would you rather stay as you are, uncomfortable in your current mindset and life, or work through the uncomfortable and challenging changes to achieve your new self?

What if I feel I'm done after 10 weeks of the 3-month session?

In reality, you won’t be. Remember, changing to yourself takes time and work. However, if you wish to end early, that’s your choice. There are no partial returns on session fees. The fees are for the set sessions.

Do you do face-to-face or Zoom sessions?

In light of the current health crisis around the world, Zoom is the preferred method of communication. However, I am willing to meet with you in person if you’d prefer, as long as we can take the necessary health precautions.

If I complete the 3-month session and want to continue, can I?

Of course! All of the packaged sessions are set as they are to make it easier for you and others to block out time and see how the process works. But it doesn’t mean everything ends or has to end when you reach your last week. There are no limits on additional sessions.

Send Me a Message

Let me know you’re interested in coaching sessions and tell me a little about you and your current mindset. Ask me any questions you might have too!