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Savannah P.,
  I had come to a really low point in my career and personal life, constantly doubting myself and I felt like I had lost who I was and my sense of self-worth. This feeling of self-doubt was persistent and continued to overtake all aspects of my life and inner dialogue, despite any personal or professional positive feedback that I received. One day I came across Victor Mosconi’s coaching practice online and a small part of me was excited to think that maybe I was not the only person that felt like I did and that there was someone out there that could help me change my unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Victor helped me to get back to feeling excited about my life as he assisted me in recognizing my strengths and taught me strategies for structuring a positive internal dialogue that fosters self-belief. After working with Victor, I have been able to advance in my career in a way I never had before, and I found myself connecting with people in my personal life more positively than I ever had, all because of my newfound self-belief. I am now able to better understand my values and how my beliefs impact my sense of self and my overall happiness. I highly recommend Victor’s coaching as he has been extremely supportive and flexible and has taught me invaluable skills that I would not have developed on my own. Victor is genuinely kind and a knowledgeable coach that is passionate about helping people. Victor has dramatically helped me to improve the quality of my life.  
Letizia Spoto
  As a codependency recovery coach myself, one of the big traits I was struggling to manage and start working on was that of the impostor phenomenon. I came across Victor and I have to say that his calm and cool manner immediately put me at ease feeling that I could put my trust in him. Having done a lot of previous work on myself, including therapy and coaching, I am already quite familiar with my inner world and what I needed was someone to accompany me during my inner exploration. Victor was very good in knowing how to direct me and shed light on the path that would lead me to an A-Ha moment at the end of my brainstorming with myself. Among other things, he knows how to capture and annotate crucial parts during the coaching session and then use them as a cue for the task to be done between sessions. The homework part is the most fun because they are small tasks that are doable but at the same time quite challenging and allow you to get out of your comfort zone. One of them for me was to drive the car on the highway which I was terrified of since, due to moving to Asia, I hadn't driven for 7 years. Codependency and the imposter phenomenon have symptoms that are rooted in one's childhood. So, it takes a lot of time to eradicate not only the beliefs but also everything that revolves around those beliefs. But with Victor, I feel like I'm on the right track and I'm really grateful. I recommend him to anyone who is serious about coming face to face with their impostor phenomenon and finally feeling good inside their own skin.  
Luna Lopez,
  Just being in Victor’s presence will boost your mood. His smiling, cheerful demeanor is contagious, in the best of ways. But, he doesn’t stop there. He pays attention to the words behind the words and will pinpoint the things you’re missing. After our call, I got clarity on one of my blind spots, and it resulted in me now giving strategies more time to test their effectiveness. My conversation with him also made me realize I was playing small and still hiding, so I decided to play all out with my skills and expertise.  
Alyson DB.,
  Talking with Victor came so easy. He made me feel at ease with myself and thoughts. He was able to speak to me in a way that I completely understood everything he said… it just made sense.. it just… clicked. I put into practice what he suggested and it worked! I became a happier person and also healthier.. physically and mentally. He was able to help me find my happy. Victor just has this energy that I walk away from and feel energized and wanting to go out there and put it to work.  

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